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San Francisco

Squadra Pompa


Welcome to team SQUADRA POMPA,


Where we have a good time while raising money for a great cause!


This is the 3rd year Squadra Pompa is participating in MMRF 5K! Last year was a success and we doubled our team goal from the previous year and hope to do it again this year!  Please join us this year by walking with us or donating so we can reach our new goal!


The story of Squadra Pompa:


 In November of 2010, Leonard Pompa (my brother) was diagnosed with the rare cancer, Multiple Myeloma. He began chemo treatments, broke his arm, had some radiation then in August of 2011 began the challenging process for a stem cell transplant.  The process has been long, but I am proud to say that he is currently in full remission and as strong as ever!


Although studies say Myeloma is not hereditary, our Uncle was diagnosed a year after Leonard. Thankfully, within the past decade many advances have been made in the treatment of Myeloma.  These treatments have kept my brother and uncle alive and well.  Please join our team in walking to raise money so that one day there may be a cure.


What: MMRF 5k Walk


When: Sunday, April 6th


Where: San Francisco, Marina Green (Scott Street/Marina Blvd)


Cost: $30.00 registration to walk, or any amount for a donation



Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


Squadra Pompa - Join Team Raised
Cristina Pompa $95.00
Robyn Araujo $30.00
Alicia Arreguin $30.00
Deanna Arreguin $30.00
Norma Arreguin $30.00
Samantha Arreguin $15.00
Mike BAiley $30.00
Rob Brandt $30.00
Dennielle Campos $30.00
Stephanie Campos $30.00
Alicia Ceja $30.00
Amelia Ceja $0.00
Dominic Ceja $15.00
Laura Ceja $140.00
Octavio Ceja $30.00
Vincent Ceja $15.00
Sharon Chan $30.00
Ashley Corbett $155.00
Esther Corbett $60.00
Jason Corbett $30.00
Sean Corbett $80.00
Desiree Cruz $30.00
Angelo Dejesus $30.00
Anthony Dejesus $30.00
Aubrey Dejesus $30.00
Estella Dejesus $30.00
Glen Dejesus $30.00
Rachel Eakin $230.00
Vanessa Esparza $0.00
Michael Fagley $30.00
Janene Francisco $30.00
Johnny Francisco $30.00
John Fransisco $30.00
Jun Clyde Gandia $30.00
Narek Gharibyan $30.00
Roger Graves $30.00
Elly Green $30.00
Zoya Hadi $30.00
Charlene Iroanya $80.00
Ryan King $30.00
Kristen La Follette $115.00
Victoria Lee $30.00
Amanda Madrigal $30.00
Bertha Madrigal-Graves $30.00
Claudia Martinez $30.00
Omar Martinez $0.00
Jaylen McGary $15.00
LaVorisa McGary $30.00
Noemi Montano $30.00
Hannah Murray $30.00
David Perotti $30.00
Dominic Pompa $30.00
Donna Price $30.00
Amanda Roa $30.00
Tim Roa $80.00
Orlando Samuels $30.00
Eddie Sanchez $30.00
Lauren Sanchez $30.00
Molly Sanchez $30.00
Kaylee Swift $30.00
Maggie Tatevosyan $30.00
Adriana Valdez $30.00
Kristina Veasley $30.00
Eliana Villasenor $0.00
Jorge Villasenor $15.00
Karla Villasenor $130.00
Jacqueline Wineholt $30.00
Thaw Wong $40.00
Chris Wood $30.00
Shelly Wyatt $0.00
Leonardo Xavier $55.00
Mike Zamora $30.00
Team Gifts $2,350.00
Denotes a Team Captain