TEAM TRISH is back for our 7th year at the MMRF Tri-State Race! We are so grateful for everyone who has joined us and fundraised with us over the past 7 years and we hope that you join us again this year. If you can't make the race, we ask that you please consider making a donation.


Over six years ago, our mom Trish was diagnosed with a fatal blood cancer called multiple myeloma. She was given 3-5 years to live at the time of her diagnosis, but she has beaten these odds after a stem-cell transplant in 2008 and thanks to the amazing work of the MMRF. After relapsing in 2011 and exhausting all of her treatment options in the summer of 2012, it was by what we consider a miracle that a new drug (made possible through the efforts of the MMRF & its partners) was approved by the FDA only a couple of weeks later. She has been on it ever since and it is working. This is a clear example that the work of the MMRF is crucial to the survival of patients. With that said, when this drug stops working, we are going to need more options (not to mention, traveling to the city twice a week for this treatment has become a serious drag for our mom). So in order for research to continue and for more drugs to become available to patients, we must do our part and raise the funds!


Your participation at this event truly makes a difference, as funds raised at this event have helped to double patient survival and deliver six new treatments in less than a decade.

Please join us on June 8, 2014 by clicking "JOIN MY TEAM" at the top right of this page. Your participation and funds raised will have a meaningful impact on the lives of thousands of patients and their families! Please help us extend the lives of myeloma patients and fund the cure!!


With the survival rates of this cancer being so low, anything you can do to help us make a difference and extend our Mom's life and the lives of other myeloma patients would make us forever grateful. No donation is too small. Thank you so much for your support! 

Jessica, Stephanie, and Joseph



* Did you know you can double your impact in seconds?  Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees.  

Find out if your employer offers this benefit!  Visit our MMRF Matching Gifts website ( or ask your Human Resources Department!


TEAM TRISH - Join Team Raised
Jessica Rubino $1,510.00
Emily Deane $80.00
Alisa DiDio $55.00
Maksim Iolin $30.00
Lauren Klein $30.00
Alyson Lee $30.00
Denise Lee $30.00
Michael Lee $7,363.00
Rebecca Lee $530.00
Kelli McCandless $30.00
Margaret McCandless $855.00
Jill McEntee $30.00
Jr McEntee $30.00
John Murphy $30.00
Mary Beth Murphy $1,125.00
Steve Nardini $30.00
Amanda Orgoch $30.00
Cristina Orgoch $15.00
Barbara Quinn $30.00
James Quinn $30.00
Lauren Quinn $155.00
Robert Quinn $30.00
Joseph Rubino $1,030.00
Trish Rubino $1,525.00
Team Gifts $1,455.00
Denotes a Team Captain