Welcome to Allan's Personal Page

On April 26th I will once again be participating in the MMRF Race for Research Boston. I will be walking 5K to celebrate 5 years since my successful stem cell transplant. To help celebrate, my team has set a goal of raising $5,000. This year I am also honored to be the recipient of the MMRF's "Spirit of Hope" award.

As the world's number-one funder of multiple myeloma research, the MMRF has raised over $240 million to fund research worldwide. I hope that you will be able to support my efforts and this wonderful organization. I thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

Over twenty years ago Stanley Wells, the husband of my good friend Joyce, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  At that time I had never heard of multiple myeloma.  Little did I know that two decades later I would be diagnosed with the same disease. 

Much has changed in those two decades.  Twenty years ago there was little that could be done for those diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Although there is still no cure, treatments are available today that give us much hope.  I personally have benefitted, and continue to benefit, from treatments that have come about in large part from research sponsored by the MMRF and because of what doctors have learned about the disease from patients such as Stanley.

Today there are clincial trials for many new medications.  Recently the FDA approved two new drugs for treatment of relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.  These new drugs, Kyprolis and Pomalyst, are specifically geared towards patients whose disease has progressed after other treatments have failed.  These new treatments were developed thanks to significant support from the MMRF.  Although Kyprolis and Pomalyst are not cures, they provide additional options for patients who have not found success with other treatments.

Debbie and I are grateful for all that has been done for us.  We are walking as our small way of giving back, with the hope that in the future a cure will be found. We are walking in memory of Stanley and all those whose courage many years ago helped doctors and researchers make the advances that led to the treatments available today.

Please consider helping us by either joining our team and walking with us or making a donation to fund future research.  Thank you very much.